We were really hoping to buy a fishing boat.

No, but they might have them at our other store.

Truth is not a popularity contest.


You will wait.

Nanda thought that Moe didn't know how to speak French.

Sorry to have kept you waiting.

I hate that idea.

Today is a special day.

Old habits die hard. This is particularly true of politics.

You're definitely not on the list.

You guys messed up.

Why don't you help me?

I think Kikki is foolish.

I just had breakfast.

You may not like what you uncover.

She dressed him like children dress their pets.


I can't remember where I first met Van.

I'll be mad at you if you keep doing that.

I get dizzy when I stand up.


Mr. White has gone to Canada.

I was invited to Those's party.

Due to technical reasons, the search feature is currently disabled.

Valeria was sipping her margarita.

Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.

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Pray forgive me!

The battery light is showing that the battery is not getting charged.

I like spoons.

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My back is hurting again.

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Is Julius free now?


Some stars are hardly visible to the naked eye.


No fewer than 50 passengers were killed.

I think this is totally absurd.

A new museum is being built at the center of the city.

Laurent has to do that.

We want you to behave yourself during meals.

Seth is good at mathematics.

Perhaps I was wrong.


I'd love to meet you.


He hasn't actually been to the United States.

What else did you throw away?

In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth.

He will never break his promise.

Today I picked up my four-year-old nephew from kindergarten.

There will be a blizzard.

The noise continued.

I wanted Nicolette to take me with him.

What did the doctors say?


She told me briefly what happened.

Hardy young people like mountaineering.

How long can we hold out against the superior enemy attacks?

Jock leads an active life.

They collected coffee cups.


He pulled the wool over their eyes.

They will have been in the United States for ten years next year.

Denglish is frowned upon by most Germans.

Rob is the one who told me about what Donna did yesterday.

Wendy took off his coat and hung it over a chair.

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A green banana is not ripe enough to eat.


I'm the one who should be apologizing.


May I have a look at it?


When applying to American universities, your TOEFL score is only one factor.

Giovanni went to a fortune teller.

I'll apologize.


Mr and Mrs Jones pay their servants every week.


Leigh claims that he can taste the difference between these two brands of salt.

The label is attached to the trunk.

Earthquakes can occur at any hour.


I believe what he says.

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This desk is too small for you.


I'm going to get something to eat.

The President desires peace.

I'm just cleaning up.

The next train will be less crowded than this one.

Tanya spoke to Klaus in French.


I've waited for this my whole life.

Did I blow it?

Small businesses are often absorbed by a major company.

It wasn't until then that I felt really frightened.

Everybody needs a hobby.

You've become a very beautiful woman.

I wasn't told much to study in my home. It's because before tests I used to concentrate and study quite a bit.

What's the forecast for tomorrow?

They formed themselves into a circle.

This is a flag.

The buses in Montgomery were segregated.

We're very, very busy.

Thanks, Sherlock.

Does Marika eat at Japanese restaurants?

Let's go somewhere, Greg.

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"'Story'?" the woman asked. "What do you mean?"


I'll tell Larry you asked.

When's the power going back on?

Dan decided to travel the world.

Stu said that somebody was after him.

Mosur doesn't drive as fast as Tanya does.

This new town is beautifully laid out.

I heard her screaming.

They agreed to raise wages and to stop hiring children.

A child's mischief often causes a fire.

I bought some fresh eggs which had just come from the farm.

I'm still dubious.


Give me the slippers! Hey! Give them to me!

It is said that nothing is more important than health.

Roberto promised Ricky he would do what she asked.

Pierce was elected in 1852.

Angus is good at swimming.

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It's easy to lose your footing on loose gravel.

Few people live to be one hundred years old.

Stephanie demanded her money back.

PLEASE give me a visa.

We carried a map with us in case we should lose our way.

Heidi is angry at Anne.

Alison is a part-time guard.

If your ability to accomplish a job does not exceed the peak (hump), on the difficulty scale for one job (project), then no matter how long you wait it will not be solved.

Svante likes them.

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Ray lives next door to Ilya.


Leonard certainly looks better than he did last week.

Hillel asked me if he could close the windows.

The elderly have many stories to tell.

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We don't have the right equipment.


He can't answer their questions.

Craig hosted an extravagant party at his mansion.

It's all very confusing.


WW1 lasted from 1914 until 1918.


Rudolf had to take a test yesterday.

You always were good at your job.

The more you earn, the more you spend.

He finds fault with everything I say.

They're racists.

Masculine qualities in a woman are seen as strength, while feminine qualities in a man are viewed as weakness.

How much is there left?

Mwa had the right idea.

Syd makes me feel beautiful.

I was at my best after a good sleep.

I hope he will come.


Don't kill yourself.

Are you sure we're talking about the same person?

Celia then hung up.


Although she lives nearby, I rarely see her.

The deeper we dived, the colder the water got.

Caesar is not above grammarians.

Latin is one of the few languages that requires a good knowledge of grammars.

Juan, I think that girl is waiting for you.

He won't survive more than a day.

Darryl was Kyle's wife.

What size boots do you wear?

There's just one problem. I can't find anybody to help me.

He is being carried away by a student movement.

Waxing is one method of hair removal.

Her father entered the room.

Sometimes, life is difficult and painful.

Please give my regards to your father.

I've been alone for a long time.

We have had little rain this summer.

Half of the people in the office took a day off.

Is this Sonisphere?

They became good friends.


I never really gave it much thought.

We should listen to him.

I've asked him three times to take out the trash and he still hasn't done it!

Bring a couple more chairs.

Neville is as pretty as Alice.

Tomas admitted that he had stolen Manolis's money.

We've received thirteen complaints so far this week.